The copper paintings in this series are reminiscent of the majestic colors found in Sedona, Arizona from the Red Rocks to the beautiful sunsets. The paintings are  4" x 8"  mounted on a black frame and can be hung in either direction.
Totems are symbols of good luck and represent family unity. I incorporate leaves and spirals into many of my designs. The totems are 3-D with the copper plates mounted on foam core to give then added dimension. They are approximately 4" x 14" and mounted on a black wood backer with a D-ring hanger.
5x5 Elements
Copper painting with a patina background on a 5" x 5" copper plate. The piece has a raised 3" x 3" plate mounted on top with a copper or brass stamping, covered with copper leaf. Each painting has a wood backer with hanger. 
Larger Pieces
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